Most magicians will tell you the best place to start practicing your magic is in front of a mirror. Which is great but I like to take it to the next level, after you feel somewhat comfortable in front of the mirror then get the video camera out and record yourself doing whatever magic trick you are working on perfecting at the time. It also is great to do a little magic show in front of the camera as well. Now the reason that this is helpful is it really gives you a view of your whole performance and your patter as well. If you do not know what a Zoom magician hire patter is I will explain.

A magicians patter is the story that they tell while they are doing a trick. This can be an important part of your performance of magic for many reasons and I will cover that in a future article. OK back to what I was saying about recording your performance. We usually are our own best and worst critic, what I mean is that we will see flaws in our own performance that others will not see, due to the fact that we know the secret of the trick. We might think that we may have exposed the secret of the trick where someone watching you for the first time will not notice.

Which brings me to another point about never repeating a trick for the same audience, just like you notice more mistakes and weak points in your magic performance as you watch yourself recorded, they will be looking more carefully the second or third time through as well and you will get caught. As a magician you really want to guard the secret of the tricks, and there are many reasons for that as well which I will talk about another time.

I know it sounds like a lot of work to perfect a magic trick but if you do not want to look foolish then it is well worth the effort, plus it is kind of fun to see yourself perform on camera. Another important note about practice, is to practice the trick slowly especially in the beginning. As they say it is not practice that makes perfect but perfect practice makes perfect. Then speed up little by little as you build muscle memory pretty soon you will be performing the magic trick very smoothly. This also keeps you from getting in the habit of rushing through a trick, because you are afraid that they will catch you making your special move that makes the trick work. That kind of movement just makes the audience more suspicious. Most magicians need to slow down a little it makes for a much nicer affect if your audience sees magic happen right before their eyes in slow motion. Good luck in your practice.


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