The application of driveway sealers to your driveway on a regular basis can keep it looking always new. You can get the services of a professional but, if you want to save a lot of money, you can do this maintenance project by yourself. Generally, it is recommended to reseal the resin driveways colours at least every three to four years. If you choose a suitable sealant, you are assured that your DIY job will have the look of a professional and that it will protect the driveway for a long time.

The majority of home improvement stores are selling different types of sealants and you can choose from one of them. If you are applying this outside your home, you should purchase the five gallon buckets instead of the 55 gallon drums which are actually for use of professional contractors.

Sealants come in two basic types–those that are made of asphalt and those that are made of coal tar. The products that are based on coal tar are thought to be tougher, longer lasting and have higher resistance to gasoline and oil than asphalt based products. On the other hand, asphalt based products release fewer volatile organic compounds meaning they smell much better and cause less irritation to the skin and mucous membranes than products that are based on coal tar.

Solids like sand or bits of asphalt mixed into the sealants provide fillers that can smooth out the tiny holes and cracks. Sealers that are of excellent quality have higher amounts of solid so they will surely provide a surface with a smoother finish. The warranty information can also help in determining whether the sealant is of excellent quality. If the home grade sealant is of great quality, it has a warranty that may last for up to six years. The area covered by a five-gallon bucket of driveway sealant is from 250 to 400 square feet and it depends on the way the application is handled and on the quality.

Driveway sealers are an easy and economical way to maintain the good shape of your driveway. It is a simple task that can actually help in protecting your investment. By spending a few hours in applying the sealer once every three years, you are worry free from the possibility of paying bulky repair bills because of the natural wear and tear. If you want to protect your driveway and make it look great you are going to want to be sure to a driveway sealer regularly.


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